Aerofoam® XF Insulation Tubes, Rolls & Sheets

Aerofoam® XF Polyolefin Thermal Insulation is a cross-linked closed cell polyolefin thermal insulation foam with factory applied reinforced aluminum foil that is intended to control condensation and energy losses. It is appropriate for plumbing pipes as well as HVAC duct and pipes. Although designed for both indoor and outdoor use, outdoor applications require additional protection against weather conditions and UV rays. FM approved Aerofoam® XF is available in the form of tubes, sheets and rolls.

Aerofoam XF
Aerofoam XF Foam Insulation


  • Chilled water pipe insulation
  • Hot water pipe insulation
  • Coldwater pipe insulation
  • Industrial pipe insulation
  • Oil and gas pipelines insulation
  • A/C duct insulation
  • Storage tanks


 Fire rated “CLASS 0” as per BS 476 Parts 6 & 7
 Very low water vapor permeance
 Very low water absorption rate (0.05 Kg/m2)
 High thermal efficiency (λ[W/(m•k)]    0.032 W/m.K
   23 °C
 Wide temperature range (from -40 °C to +105 °C)
 Antibacterial & antifungal
 Environmental friendly – ODP = 0 and GWP < 5
 FM approved - FM 4924**
 Reaction to fire FSI <25 & SDI <50 - UL723**


  • Closed cell structure
  • Resistant to bacteria
  • Environmentally friendly foam
  • Prevent condensation
  • High mechanical strength
  • Ozone resistant
  • Excellent thermal efficiency
  • Flexible foam easy to install
  • Resistant to mold and mildew growth
  • Suitable for low-temperature applications
  • Suitable for coastal area applications
  • Suitable for cooling and heating systems
  • Long lifespan


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