Product description

Paint for protecting and covering Aerofoam® NBR/Flexicell NBR.

Surface preparation & application:

  • The surface should be free of dust and loose particles
  • The surface should be free of any oil or grease
  • It can be applied on the damp and moist surface also
  • Easy application with brush or roller


Coverage depends upon the nature of the surface to be applied. But on average, smooth surface will give approx. 120 to 150 g/m2.

Potential health effects

Immediately seek fresh air after inhaling in case of contact with skin wash off immediately with plenty of water, consult a doctor if skin irritation persists. Rinse the affected eye immediately with plenty of water at the same time keep the unaffected eye well protected. If swallowed seek medical advice immediately.


12 months when stored at 10 °C – 30 °C

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