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AeroFun Watermat, water yoga mat, water toys and accessories are the perfect product to just get in that water and relax, cool off and luxuriate with family and friends. AeroFun Watermat and toys’ range suits for adults as well as kids. The product is manufactured using high quality closed cell foam having very good comfort and feel. The product will surely have you spend hours playing in the water.

Water Yoga Mat

  • Water mat for complete family and group
  • Made from high-quality polyolefin foam
  • Can be easily folded and stored
  • Anti-slip embossed surface
  • Also available with grommet and bungee
  • 18 ft long, 3.5/4 ft wide and 1.25 inches thick

AeroFun Floating Bar

  • Your floating bar in the water
  • The floating tray keeps snacks and cold drinks handy
  • Available in all basic colors and combination
  • Size ranges from 10*10 inch to 20*10 inch with multiple drink holder from 1 to 9

AeroFun Floating waist Disc

  • Circular foam disc to wear around the waist
  • Sizes suitable for adults and kids
  • Outer dia 95cm inner dia 45 cm (for adults)
  • Outer dia 60cm inner dia 30cm (for kids)
  • Available in various colors

AeroFun Floating ArmBands

  • High quality closed cell PE foam
  • Available in circular snd hexagonal shapes
  • Fits perfectly in the arms
  • Sizes suitable for kids and adults
  • Available in various colors

AeroFun Floating Waist Belt

  • Consist of flat back support with foam doodle to adjust the size
  • Lightweight and easy to wear, fits perfectly to the waist
  • Fits waist sizes from 26 to 50 inches
  • Available in all basic colors

AeroFun Floating Ping Pong

  • Floatable tennis table top
  • Made up of soft foam with hardtop
  • Equipped with net in center
  • Available in sizes from 40-60 inches long and 20-40 inches wide


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