AeroSound®Acoustic Duct Liners

AeroSound® – Acoustic Duct Liners

AeroSound® Duct Liner has been designed to improve the performance of traditional sound absorbing products that are the result of an in-depth research that aims to develop environment-friendly, fire safe, durable and hygienic products without presenting a risk to the users’ health and improve IAQ.

A wide range of products have been developed to reduce noise in different applications. AeroSound® Acoustic Duct Liners are free of harmful irritants, fiber, dust and does not present any hazard to the users making them safe to handle and install. AeroSound® Acoustic Duct Liners are highly hygienic products which do not let mold or fungi to grow, providing excellent sound absorption properties with
extremely long technical life and efficient thermal properties due to the very low thermal conductivity value, resistant to all kinds of maintenance products used during the cleaning process. They are also resistant to water, steam, soaps, detergents and all kinds of cleaning chemicals dedicated to all applications where top hygienic standards are required such as medical and data centers, schools, hospitals and pharmaceutical facilities, operating cabins, silencers, decompression boxes and all kinds of casing. They can be used for partitions, decorative acoustic panels and phone cabins.

To install AeroSound® Acoustic Solutions in a professional manner, please drop an email at to receive the installation handbook.


AeroSound® LX Acoustic Liner is a flexible semi-open cell Polyolefln foam-based liner with or without pressure sensitive adhesive on one side.

AeroSound LX Acoustic Duct Liner x

AeroSound® LXF Acoustic Liner is a flexible semi-open cell Polyolefin foam-based liner with or without pressure sensitive adhesive on one side and reinforced with aluminum foil on the other side.

AeroSound LXF Acoustic Duct Liner x

AeroSound® LN Acoustic Liner is a flexible semi-open cell Elastomenc foam with or without pressure sensitive adhesive on one side.

AeroSound® LN x
AeroSound® Elastomeric Sound Absorber(ESA) open cell elastomeric foam based on synthetic rubber (NBR) that combines acoustic and thermal properties.
AeroSound ESA x


  • Fire safe
  • No erosion risk
  • Fiber-free and dust-free
  • Designed to improve IAQ
  • Clean and hygienic products
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Fungus and bacteria resistance
  • Environment friendly products
  • Extremely low water absorption
  • Helps to achieve LEED certification
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic properties


  • AeroSound® Acoustic Solutions assisted a fitness center by providing solutions for dampening sound propagation. We were able to successfully eliminate any kind of discomfort and deliver a realistic solution for optimum efficiency. Here is the link for the case study: Fitness Center.


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