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How to Choose a Long Lasting Insulation Product for your Home?

Choosing the right type of insulation product may at times be mind-boggling. This is because often we do not understand the technicalities, the selection criteria and other technical jargons like vertical performance, compressive strength of product, and its ability to resist biological proliferation (and the effects caused by environmental conditions). It’s okay to not understand these terms, initially

However, it becomes of eminent importance to understand what should be the most important criteria while choosing an insulation product.

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The Search Process

An average buyer wants to reduce the search time before making any buying decision. However, when you are choosing a product that will allow you the comfort, convenience and energy savings at the same time — a thorough search is recommended. To break the clutter, a lot of hefty claims are made by the companies manufacturing or marketing the insulation products. So, how we know what to actually look for during the search process?

Insulation products combine the energy savings with reduced greenhouse gas emissions and provides a comfort in terms of temperatures and acoustic performance. To enjoy these benefits, home owners and builders are always on a look out for those insulation products that have the highest thermal resistance. This in turn ensures efficiency and limits the transfer of heat between the building walls. We are having much thermal solutions for building walls: we are more into HVAC/R so means ventilation, AC systems + heating + industrial + refrigeration.

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Does the Technical Life of Thermal Insulation Products Affects the Thermal Resistance?

The answer is simply yes!

Thermal resistance is expressed in terms of thickness and the thermal conductivity of the product. To have effective results, manufacturers of quality thermal insulation products test the quality of material and its density I would prefer to skip talking about density at all, as it enhances the ability of product to transmit or prevent the heat from transmission. The technical life of thermal insulation is of crucial importance here — because quality products are not the cheaper ones, and you don’t want to spend your money and search time on something which won’t last even a decade.

Often, we see the arguments related to the price of a thermal insulation products. But here is the key: Cheaper insulation products will cost you more in the longer run. — The question arises, how?

Quality comes at a price, but saves you from inconvenience, discomfort and additional costs that you’ll have to incur in the future. Imagine the hassle of replacing your thermal insulation every few years — just because you chose a product with a price tag that saved you money back then. The technical life of a cheaper insulation product is on average not more than 4-8 years, which means the cost of material, labor and replacement cost will add up every time you are forced to replace your thermal insulation.

On the other hand, a quality thermal insulation product with high thermal resistance will have a higher price-tag, but the peace of mind it brings is fourfold; because you won’t have to bear the aforementioned costs for 25 years from the date of insulation.

Replace the insulation materials means not only purchasing of new products, means new labors such replacing of ceiling, partitions and walls, wasted time waiting the end of labors, these labors can involve stop-using of cooling/heating systems, cleaning services…more than one time in 25 years!

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Where Can You Find a Thermal Insulation Product with a Longer Technical Life?

We have got you covered! Aerofoam® XLPE technology for thermal insulation can be used at high temperatures not more than 100 C deg. so it is not that high, and its extraordinary thermal resistance is proven. Our company is renowned for providing insulation solutions across MENA, Americas Australia and Europe.

Review our successful cases studies here: https://www.aerofoam.ae/project-categories/xlpe-projects/.

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