Estimated Lifespan of Aerofoam® XLPE

Aerofoam® XLPE is a chemically cross-linked closed-cell polyolefin foam that is technologically wise and innovative, and a state-of-the-art insulation material suitable for a wide range of applications. Aerofoam® XLPE is specially designed to prevent condensation as well as to prevent energy losses in cooling and heating systems which makes Aerofoam® XLPE a reliable choice for use in any types of buildings including residential and commercial to name a few. What differentiates Aerofoam® XLPE Thermal Insulation from other types of thermal insulation material and why you should select Aerofoam® XLPE: This technical bulletin will present all necessary information to help contractors and consultants choose the most optimal and suitable thermal insulation material for residential and commercial buildings.  

Why Aerofoam® XLPE?

Aerofoam® XLPE holds many advantages that differentiates the product range from other thermal insulation materials. The key features are:

  • Closed cell structure – the closed cell structure and composition of the material increases its water vapor resistance and thermal properties.
  • Hygienic, antibacterial, and antifungal – Aerofoam® XLPE  is resistant to bacteria, fungus and mildew growth which increases the safety of occupants of the buildings.
  • Lightweight – polyolefin foams are among the lightest thermal insulation materials currently available in the market. While applying Aerofoam® XLPE it does hardly add any additional load factor to construction. This means there will be no negative consequences for structural parts like roofing or fixture systems.
  • High mechanical resistance – while being flexible, Aerofoam® XLPE is very durable and will not get damaged easily.
  • Chemically neutral – no risk of chemical reaction when in contact with any type of steel, copper, aluminum, or paint. However, you can always verify with Aerofoam® Technical Support.
  • Zero risk of corrosion – No risk of corrosion, if installed according to the Aerofoam® XLPE Installation Manual.
  • Good alternative for replacement of old insulation – fast and clean technology in case of replacement.
  • Suitable for areas with high humidity, climate, and coastal areas – thanks to the closed cell structure and material stability along with the extremely high-water vapor resistance, it can be utilized anywhere including high humidity, indoor and outdoor coastal areas.
  • Long lasting – Aerofoam® XLPE is the longest lasting material available on the market! Its innovative cross linked and closed-cell structure helps in overall increased performance through the complete functional life span. Aerofoam® XLPE has an expected functional life span of at least 20 years without any need for re-insulation or maintenance.
Estimated Lifespan of Different types of insulation materials

Installation in Residential Buildings

One of the examples of successful installation and long-lasting durability of Aerofoam® XLPE Thermal Insulation is the twenty-storey residential building – Elite 3 Sports Residence located in Dubai Sports City, UAE. The project construction started in 2009 and it was completed in 2011. Aerofoam® XLPE was used as thermal insulation for pipes and ducts.
Installation in Residential Buildings x
Installed 10 years ago, Aerofoam® XLPE is still in a ‘as new’ condition and offering stable performance in condensation prevention and energy efficiency. According to the building owner, another appreciated feature is the easy cleaning of Aerofoam® XLPE Sheets. Dust is simply whipped off and thanks to the friendly Alupet skin, it’s easy to sanitize.

Installation in Commercial Buildings

Aerofoam® XLPE is not only a perfect solution for residential buildings but also for commercial ones such as malls.

Installation in Commercial Buildings

Dragon Mart, one of the largest commercial buildings in Dubai with a total floor surface of 175,000 sqm is showing in real life the benefits of Aerofoam® XLPE versus fiberglass and versus pre-insulated ducts.

Pictures attached below show current visual condition of both insulation materials installed on the duct inside the mall. It has been over 6 years from the project completion. Unfortunately, pre-insulated ducts and the ducts insulated with fiberglass material shows first signs of damages due to water penetrating its structure which leads to the need for maintenance and re-insulation works that will have to be done in the near future. Moreover, mentioned damages do not only cause bad aesthetic look of the mall interior and significant energy losses, but also exposes the employees and customers to an unhealthy environment with mold, fungus, and loose fibers.

On the other hand, Aerofoam® XLPE, which is installed in the same area of the building and exposed to the exact same conditions is still performing consistently and does not show any signs of damages nor any signs of decreased performance. It has been well maintained through the passage of time and contributes to the aesthetics of the interior of the mall.

Thermal Insulation Pre insulated duct x
Aerofoam® XLPE is a perfect solution for all types of buildings where long-lasting durability and reliability of thermal insulation are valued! The core features such as closed cell structure, resistance to mold and bacteria growth as well as great thermal performance are not affected during the overall life span, which is assured by highest quality of supplied material. It is also an ideal solution in case of renovation works, due to its ease of installation. For more information, visit

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