Do you know what Soundproofing is and how it works?

When you think of a nice song or birds chirping, the sound is wonderful, but when you hear a sound you don’t want to hear or any unwanted sound it will make you impatient and prevent you from doing any chores or even let you sleep. It will have a significant impact on your peace. There are many different types of sounds, some of which you have no control over, such as residing near a highway, airport, or a construction site.

Soundproofing is the process of absorbing and reducing noise. The procedure of reflecting and preventing unwanted noise can be done in different ways or with the application of a combination of 2-3 materials and actions to achieve the desired comfort. Have you ever walked into a recording, radio or TV studio and seen those foam clad walls? That is the most common application of soundproofing solutions as it has a professional application. However, it is now being used in an increasing number of residential buildings, apartments, and houses.

Without a doubt, digital media is an integral component of many of our daily lives. Creators producing digital material for audiences all around the world, such as those on YouTube (vloggers) and podcasts are developing highly successful and profitable careers. With the magnitude of new content being posted every minute, this enormous behemoth shows no signs of slowing down. However, you would have seen a lot of individuals making vlogs at home and facing disturbances such as unwanted noise in the background. This is where acoustic solutions come into place and work best to eradicate the sound and help achieve acoustic comfort.

How does Soundproofing work?

There are two kinds of noise. Talking, loud television, music, and other noises that travel through the air are examples of airborne noise. Another type of sound is impact sound, which occurs when your next-door neighbors drop something on the floor or walk by. There are several ways to soundproof your room, including adding more mass to your walls to reduce or reflect the noise, which is essentially adding acoustic barrier material that stops/reduces noise.

Why should you think about soundproofing your home?

It is not obligatory for you to soundproof your home or apartment, but it is likely that you will hear a variety of noises throughout the day. As a result, soundproofing can be considered to eliminate all unwanted noise. The homes that are being built these days do not have thick walls like old houses so you can think of soundproofing your house and not just that, it can also benefit you when you sell your property because who wouldn’t want a soundproofed house. Similarly, while you’re on the hunt for a new house, be sure to not just consider a happening location or view, but also give your acoustic comfort a thought.

Did you know that sound absorbing foam or heavy mass barrier could reduce the amount of unwanted noise?

Foam is an excellent choice for sound absorption. Its objective is to absorb sound pressure level and thus reduce noise. Soundproof insulation foam is one of the solutions that can reduce sound. The sounds of ventilation, drainage systems, equipment such as lifts and compressors, and of course the sounds generated by our neighbors or even precipitation – all this can cause noise disruption. Providing adequate acoustic comfort has a significant impact on our personal well-being as well as our productivity and concentration at work. The quality of our sleep and rest time depends largely on acoustic comfort too. The most effective solution is to ensure sound isolation of each room during the building’s construction and to use acoustic insulation materials. AeroSound acoustic insulation solutions will surely help control sound in rooms with a lot of noise or echo. To know more about AeroSound, visit

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