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With a 30+ year long tradition in selling and manufacturing HVAC products, Hira Ind. LLC set up recently 2 new factories for production of foam. Both new product ranges represent highly efficient closed cell foams, used in a variety of applications and with multiple purposes.


Aerofoam® XLPE – cross linked polyolefin foam suitable for insulation purposes, condensation control and mechanical protection. Other applications, in which you can use XLPE foam are available here.

Aerofoam® NBR – flexible elastomeric foam suitable for condensation control, thermal insulation and sound absorption.


Both products are fully customizable in terms of lamination, coating and conversion according to the customers’ needs. Aerofoam® XLPE and NBR have been already used in many projects across 4 continents and comply to the most important standards required by the insulation industry (ASTM, BS, ISO, DIN, etc.)

If you are one of our loyal clients, we thank you for having reposed your confidence in Aerofoam®. If you are looking for a partner to address your requirements related to insulation solutions, we would be delighted to become a part of your business. Please contact us here.

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If you are seeking a challenging and growth oriented job opening, Hira Industries LLC is at all times on the watch for talented, capable and enterprising professionals. Please send your resume/CV on