Will Face Masks Ever Be Enough?

Who would have thought that the demand for all kinds of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) would have risen over the past couple of months? Could a simple and affordable face shield, if universally adopted, provide enough added protection against hazards? Are face shields effective to reduce the transmissibility below a certain threshold? There are too many questions and the answer are yes, face shields can flatten the epidemic curve, curbing the increase in fatalities, subject to following instructions provided with the product. The use of a mask alone surely provides protection, but opting for a face protection shield offers individuals with added safety. It eliminates the potential risks from respiratory droplets. They are comfortable to wear, durable, protect against any viral entry and prevent individuals from touching their nose, mouth and eyes after having come in contact with various surfaces. According to CNN’s Brian Todd, “Public health officials have been stressing the importance of wearing face masks to slow the spread of the coronavirus for months, but many experts are now urging the use of face shields and eye goggles as well.”

PPE Used in a Variety of Establishments and by Various People!

Masks made out of cloth can be less effective not just to prevent against contagious respiratory illnesses or viruses, but also for general purpose in various professions. In such cases, face protection shields are your safest bet. They can be utilized by healthcare workers, laboratory workers, industrial workers, private sector staff, bank employees and custodial staff dealing with spills and contaminated waste to name a few. Earlier, there was an extensive need to reopen businesses as a result of the drastic economic and social consequences. Don’t you agree that social distancing has now become a way of life and is surely the new normal for all of us as businesses have now gained momentum? In such situations, it is our responsibility to ensure adopting adequate precautions for the wellbeing of ourselves and the others around us. Schools and other educational institutions are also gearing up to reopen, making it a need to eliminate any kind of hazards that could affect the youth. The only way to mitigate the risk is to not just think about safety, but also keep in mind additional safety. Face protection visors allow easy communication while maintaining a barrier against hazards. They successfully allow visibility of expressions and ease of understanding as to what the individual is trying to say. Adopting and utilizing face shields on a daily basis is also a reminder to maintain social distancing.

Wearing a shield in addition to a mask is the most iron-clad form of protection against hazards!

In order to mitigate risks and minimize the consequences, it is important to adapt a solution that will limit the peak effects of a surge of patients on healthcare systems as a result of transmissible and contagious hazards. Face protection shields should definitely be included as part of the strategy to safely and significantly reduce transmission in the community.

If you just require some pretty good protection against hazards, then face protection shields are exactly what you should be looking for. AeroShield face protection shield by Aerofoam is available for kids and adults. It is an excellent Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is simple, convenient and easy to use to protect the facial area from any kind of hazards that could be potentially dangerous.

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