AeroSound ® HD – Noise Barrier

AeroSound® HD – Noise Barrier

AeroSound® HD is a solid flexible rubber 4.5 to 5 kg/m2 weight and approximately 3mm thickness rendering high performance as a sound barrier; as the product itself or along with other Aerofoam® products. The flexible and tough structure resist sound waves reducing noise transmission. AeroSound® HD is produced and supplied considering large number of applications and market requirements. The AeroSound® HD is ideal to use in hotels and manufacturing facilities, railways, automotive and machinery. It can reduce road noise and noise coming from compressors and generators. It does not contain fibers, asbestos, heavy metals or bituminous components. To install AeroSound® HD – Noise Barrier acoustic solutions in a professional manner, please drop an email at to receive the installation handbook.

Required Accessories :

Thickness (3mm, ±1mm Tolerance) + Size (1x1m), (1x2m)

AeroSound® HD – Noise Barrier x


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