AeroShield Face Protection Shield for Adults Kids

AeroShield for Adults

AeroShield full face protection shield is an essential part of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The face shield can be used in a variety of professions and establishments such as industries where workers are involved in handling hazardous chemicals, food establishments, or generally to protect yourself and your family from any kind of virus that can be dangerous. At Aerofoam®, we are constantly developing products for the construction and building industry that are safe, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial like our thermal insulation products. We developed face shields which can be used at construction sites by workers to stop the spread and keep themselves and their fellow workers safe, thus maintaining workplace safety at all levels.

Size Chart

 Product Details  Specification
 Description  Rectangular Face Shield Protective Visor
 Composition  Polyester Clear Film + PU Foam + Elastic Fabric Fastener
 Dimensions/Size  Plastic Shield Thickness: 0.35 mm
 Length: 320 mm
 Width: 220 mm

AeroShield for Kids

AeroShield Face Protection Shield for kids consists of a clear polyester film sheet with blue pu foam for cushioning. The polyurethane foam is coated with a high-strength solvent-based adhesive. Face shield for kids consists of a fabric fastener to hold the protective shield properly on the face. AeroShield Face Protection Shield should be cleaned and disinfected with sterile wipes or any glass cleaning solutions/liquid using a clean cloth.

Size Chart

 Product  Composition Thickness Length Width Density Density Type
 Polyester Clear (Transparent) PET Film 0.35 mm 270 mm 200 mm
 PU (Polyurethane) Foam 35 mm 265 mm 35 mm 30 kg/ m3 Blue Soft
 Elastic Head Band 380 mm 25 mm Black
 Label 220 mm 35 mm
 Foam Adhesive Acrylic


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