Aerofoam® Tape

Aerofoam® Tape is a special aluminum foil tape reinforced with PET film backing combined with strong solvent acrylic adhesives and an easy release liner. It can be used on Aerofoam® XLPE insulation to cover the joints.




Material:                          alupet (aluminum layer and PET layer laminated together)
Thickness:                       65 +/- 3 microns
Tensile strength:             2400 gms / 25 mm
Elongation at break:       60%
Color:                              silver matt



  • Adhesion of Aerofoam® insulation to metallic surfaces;
  • Adhesion of Aerofoam® insulation joints.

In order to install Aerofoam® Tape in a professional manner, please consult the Installation Handbook. In order to get your free copy please register here.



  • Low moisture content – good sealing properties
  • Excellent reflection coefficient
  • Long service life due to the high-quality solvent acrylic adhesive
  • Perfect match to the Aerofoam® XLPE alupet foil

For more information please download the technical file here.

To download the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the product please click here.

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